Naturally Remove Warts

Warts often get mistaken for looking like blisters because they look rough and show up around areas that blisters often show up too. However, warts are much different than blisters and can cause much more pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. Finding a good wart remover is essential when you discover you've got warts on your skin.

These warts are very contagious and they can easily spread from you to other people, and they can also easily spread from one body part to the next.

The most common ways warts get spread from one person to the next is through sexual intercourse and when a person that's infected uses someone's personal things like brush, comb, or towel.

Thankfully there are a number of wart removal methods to try using. The conventional methods that are available for warts can cause you to have scars and other negative side effects. Moreover, these treatments can be high priced and leave you with a pretty empty pockets.

In this article you'll discover some of the best natural wart removal methods you can use to get rid of warts without spending an arm and a leg, and without leaving your body with ugly scars. One great remedy for warts involves using a raw garlic clove. Simply apply the raw garlic clove on the affected area and rub it on. To help make this remedy more effective you can cover it up with a bandage and keep it in place. Let the raw garlic clove stay on the warts for a few days before removing. The antiviral properties in garlic will help to remove the warts fast.

You can use a dandelion root to help remove warts naturally. You'll need to get the extract from the stem of the dandelion and apply it on the wart a few times daily. The extract will look like milk and you will need to apply this liquid to the warts a few times daily to get the most benefit.

Vitamin C tablets are great for removing warts effectively. Simply grind up a vitamin C tablet and apply the crushed tablet on the infected area and then cover it up with a bandage. You'll need to repeat this treatment process a few times daily until you notice that the warts are gone.

These are some of the best home remedies for warts that have been proven to reduce the appearance of warts. Keep in mind that these remedies aren't a cure and most times you will have to continue using the treatment in order to prevent the warts from growing back.